The practice standards scheme suggests the level of ‘complications' in routine surgery as a suitable subject for clinical audit.


So you have measured your current level of achievement and you are going to use the audit cycle to make improvement.


Would it not be helpful if you new how other practices were doing?


Well now you can!

Just follow these simple instructions.....

Post operative complications rate for routine neutering



Send in the data from your practice on one of Vet Audits spreadsheets and we will send you back your results along with the values achieved by all the practices who have submitted data date.

The data we have collected to date has allowed us to set ‘benchmarks' in the following areas for canine and feline speys and castrates:

  • Lost to follow-up's (where a follow up was intended)
  • No reported complications.
  • Complications not requiring any intervention.
  • Complications requiring only medical intervention.
  • Complications requiring surgical intervention.
  • Complications resulting in the death of the patient.

Click above to open the spreadsheet, and then save it on your computer somewhere where you can find it again. Enter the information, and when you sufficient, mail the completed submission form to info@ vet a Please put a reference to your practice in the {practice ref} of the file name. All data from submissions is handled anonymously

The vet audit group would like to thank all practices that have submitted data to date. Without their participation benchmarking would not be possible.

If you require any further assistance with submitting data or you have any concerns or comments on this subject please mail




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